Get your permanent residency within Six months of filing of the Application under Express Entry

Express Entry Round of Invitations

January 30, 2019



Express Entry Canadian Immigration system is a way of filing applications received for immigration. It is not a separate category of immigration to Canada. In this system candidates need to first enter a “pool” of potential applicants and wait instead of simply sending a filled-out application to the immigration office. The authorities invite the candidates to submit their application and thus successfully manage the flow of new application cases in a timely manner. This also helps in clearing backlog and a smooth processing of the new applications.

Three categories of applications for permanent residence must apply under the Express Entry system:

    • Federal Skilled Workers
    • Federal Skilled Trades
    • Canadian Experience Class

In order to be eligible for registration under the Express Entry system, applicants must qualify for any one of the three above mentioned programs. In case the applicant doesn’t meet the requisite qualifications his/her profile will be rejected and registration will not happen under the Express Entry system.

Candidates with the highest scores in the CRS ranking are then invited to apply for permanent residence at the time of the regular draws from the pool. The number of people available within the pool determines the minimum score to be invited. It also depends on the qualifications of the people in the pool at the time and the number of invitations being extended. Once the candidate receives the invitation to apply, they have 90 days to submit the online application for permanent residence. Once the authorities have received the same it is usually processed within six months.

The Express Entry draws take place at the discretion of the immigration authorities. It is fairly regular and usually happens every two weeks or so. Each draw is accompanied by a set of the Minister’s Instructions. This includes the time and date of the draw, number of candidates that will be selected, and the specific program(s) that will be included in the particular draw.

A candidate is eligible to remain in the Express Entry pool for up to 12 months from the date of online application. In case they do not receive an invitation within 12 months, they can re-register for another 12 months. However, they must continue to qualify under at least one of the three federal immigration categories.

We, at SP Law Office, have a team of experts with years of successful experience in assisting hopeful candidates with Express Entry Canadian Immigration applications. If you fulfil the qualifications under Skilled Trades, Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class, and require assistance in registering for Express Entry pool, please contactus and our experts will provide you further information.


You can also fill up the Free Assessment Form available on our website to check your eligibility for application under Express Entry system.


The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) is the body that hears and decides all appeals relating to immigration matters. The cases range from removal orders to refused sponsorship.

The Appellant has 60 days for appeals related to residency and 30 days for most other cases. The most common cases heard and decided by the IAD are related to marriage appeals. In Central Region, sponsorship appeals form almost 80% of incoming appeals, removal order appeals are approximately 16% and residency obligation appeals constitute approximately 5%.

In certain cases, the IAD may allow an appeal by setting aside the original decision based on the grounds of factual or legal error, or of a breach of a principle of natural justice. In some special cases it may even provide exclusive relief on the basis of humanitarian and compassionate consideration in all the circumstances of the case. This includes the best interests of a child.

A more informal, consensual and less confrontational approach to settle appeals is through mediation through Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). This is particularly useful in appropriate cases of sponsorship appeals.

The ADR mediation process usually takes place via an hour long in-person interview conducted by a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO). The Minister’s counsel who represents the office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is also present in the conference. The appellants and his or her counsel are also present. The DRO presides over the conference and assists them to come to terms of settlement of the appeal in a consensual way.