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Step 1: Assessing Your Case
The first and foremost step that one must complete before applying for immigration or for a visa is to have their case professionally assessed by an immigration lawyer. This will help determine whether the case is eligible for application.
At SP Law Office we have a team off the most brilliant and experienced immigration lawyers who can help assess your case and guide you along the process.

Step 2: Signing the Retainer Agreement with your Lawyer
Once the assessment is complete and it has been determined that you are eligible for a visa and you decide to hire a lawyer you will be required to sign the retainer agreement with us. This is a legal document that will outline the legal fees applicable and the responsibilities that come under the scope of your lawyer in representing you.
This retainer agreement will be required to be signed prior to proceeding further with the case.

Step 3: Getting your Documents in Order
Documentation is of immense importance in the application of visa and immigration. Improper documentation can even lead to refusal. That is why, our team of experts will provide with the detailed list of documents required. You will need to gather all relevant documents to make your case an impressive one.

Step 4: Completing Application Forms
Your lawyer shall help you duly complete all necessary application forms with the use of the latest and updated software.

Step 5: Preparing your Application Package
One of the most important steps in your visa application after you have gathered and duly completed the forms is to prepare them in an organized and presentable manner. Your immigration lawyer will also help prepare legal submissions to the visa officer on your behalf.

Step 6: Submitting the Application to the Visa Office
Your immigration lawyer shall advise you which is the best suited visa office for submission of your application. At the visa office you will submit all the documents and also pay the immigration processing fees.

Step 7: Monitoring of Your Visa Application
Once the documents have been submitted and immigration fees has been paid, it is important to make sure that your application is being duly processed in accordance to the published service standards of the visa office.
In case of any deviation, your immigration lawyer should pro-actively ensure that your case is processed on time.

Step 8: Preparing for the interview (if applicable)
In certain cases, you may be required to appear for an interview with a visa officer to assess the eligibility of your case. In case of such an event, you would be intimated the date and time of the interview by the visa officer. Your dedicated lawyer at SP Law Office would prepare you thoroughly for all such interviews.

Step 9: Receiving the Letter of Acceptance
Whether you have an interview or not, you will eventually be notified in writing via a letter. This will state that you have been either accepted for immigration or refused.

Step 10: Issuance of Visa or Appeal due of a Refusal
In case you receive an acceptance of immigration, congratulations!

Our team of dedicated and hard-working immigration lawyers at SP Law Office are always happy to help you with any further immigration or legal requirements you may have.

However, in case of a refusal case, there is no reason to lose heart. You can carefully consider your options for appealing the refusal with your lawyer. It is best not to delay the appeal in case of refusal to avoid missing the deadline to file applications.

The most common question that people have when applying for immigration is whether they even require the assistance of an immigration representative or not. You may know or have heard stores of people who managed to successfully get their visas without hiring an immigration lawyer or consultant. They just simply filled out the forms, paid the government fees and were issued their visas.

However, you may also know people or have heard about cases where some have applied for immigration visas all by themselves and their applications were rejected. In some cases, making it difficult for them to even reapply. Since there are stories from both the sides lets just leave them at that.

We believe that applying for such an important life changing visa without the guidance of legal representation is a risk just not worth taking. While it is possible for someone to represent own self in simple immigration matters, in reality it is simply a big gamble.

With ever evolving immigration laws, the processes are getting very complex. While you may have the basic knowledge of the process for applying for a visa, unless you are a full-time immigration professional, you will not be aware if the small details which directly impact your case. In fact, even if you are able to apply your own visa and have managed to get a confirmation, there is no surety that you have not created some problems that could later impact your case long after you have got your visa. Hence, in the end what may have seemed like a successful visa case, may just turn out to be exactly the opposite.

So, does that mean that you should just give it all in the hands of the experts? Of course not.

Our philosophy is that the applicant and the immigration professional should work as a team. It is important for the applicant to educate themselves and be transparent with their personal information where as the professionals should use their expertise in immigration law to guide the applicant in the correct manner. A good team effort of applicant and immigration professional results in a successful immigration case.

It is very important for the applicants to also know as much as possible about the visa process in order to protect themselves from individuals who pretend to be immigration professionals when they really are not. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of corruption currently in the immigration business. Hence by having some basic understanding about immigration and its laws, applicants can protect themselves from being a victim of fraud.

There are primarily two types of immigration professionals offering their services to clients: Consultants and Lawyers.

Consultants are immigration professionals who are not lawyers and are usually referred to as law officers, paralegals and immigration specialists. In some cases, consultants are former immigration officers who after having quit from their government job, start working in the private sector. Under current system, immigration consultants are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Counsel (ICCRC). It is the job of the ICCRC to keep a check on the activities of immigration consultants who are its members and provide immigration advice for a fee.

The ICCRC has a process under which an individual seeing to be am immigration officer can be granted membership. The individuals applying for membership need to demonstrate their ability and knowledge to advise, consult and represent people who wish to seek Canadian immigration, pass the Society’s Knowledge & Ethics Test and demonstrate good character.

Lawyers can also act as representatives who can assist applicants with immigration matters. However unlike consultants, lawyers in Canada are required to have a university education followed by a degree from law school. In order to practice, lawyers need a license and are regulated by the Provincial or State Bar depending upon their jurisdiction. This makes lawyers a trusted source of immigration advise and also protection against unethical and corrupt business practices.

Immigration Lawyers as the name suggests are lawyers who practice primarily or exclusively in immigration law. The have a greater degree of expertise in immigration business than a general practitioner who would be dealing with many fields of law as the same time. This makes immigration lawyer the best bet for an applicant seeking professional advice from as they are both trustworthy and have in-depth knowledge and expertise in their field. Any applicant interested in hiring a lawyer should always check with the lawyer as to how much of their practice is dedicated to immigration law to understand if they handle immigration cases on a regular basis or not.

SP Law Office is a professional immigration service company founded by Saidaltaf Patel, an experienced immigration lawyer to immigrated to Canada as a landed immigrant. We can help you in a better way as we understand your personal needs when it comes to family. For us, your are not just a file, but a living human being with hopes, dreams and fears.

The common misconception that people have is that applying for immigration is nothing but filling up some forms and paying a fee. This is completely devoid of the truth. Of course, filling up an immigration for truthfully and accurately is an important part of the process however the main aspect that makes the difference between a successful and a non-successful application are the documents that are included to support the case.

The documents that are attached to the application serves two purposes. One it substantiates the information that you have filled up in the application and secondly and more importantly it tells your story to the visa officer who is reviewing your case. The documents become the main factor for a successful application because not only does it show to the visa officer that you pass their immigration criteria but also shows the real live person behind their application who really needs the visa.

So, what are the documents that you require along with your application? The answer is that it depends on the nature of the application being submitted. Hence all applications are different and require a different approach. For example, for a Study Permit application the documentation requirement is totally different from those required for an independent/skilled worker application. In most of the cases the, the application forms specify which are the documents required for a particular visa. Usually, the applicants have to include documents that prove their identity such as birth certificates or national identity cards. In case the applicant is married, the marriage certificate should also be included.

For most of the documentation, photocopies of original are acceptable. However, in case of specific documents such as employment references or police clearance certificates one must submit original copies. It is very important to carefully check what all documents are required.

Always remember, your documents tell your story. That is why it is important to include all the relevant documents that support your immigration case.

At SP Law Office, our motto is to resolve your legal issues in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

If you contact us for a Visa or entry into Canada, our lawyers are trained to assess your case and predict the specific legal issues that you may encounter, outline solutions that can resolve the issues and take the necessary steps to get you, your family or your employees the necessary paperwork needed for Canadian or US legal status.

At SP Law Office, you will experience a friendly, professional and timely service from our excellent team of lawyers. Our team will keep you informed at each and every step we take during the visa application process. You will experience end to end service and most importantly, you will experience results!

Our legal fee will depend on your application and will always be quoted in advance. We charge immigration cases on a one-time fee basis and not on hourly rate so there is no “running tab”. In this way you will know in advance how much your case will cost with no hidden surprises! In case of any additional official disbursement charges as well as applicable government application fees, we will outline the same for you separately in advance.

At SP Law Office, our lawyers always conduct a comprehensive assessment of an interested party before taking them on as a client. If you are interested, our process will involve first listening to you, understanding your background, history and objectives for immigration. After we get a clear idea of your case and requirement, we will come up with the solutions that will work. In a comprehensive manner, we will tell you whether we can help, if yes than what are the steps that must be taken, how long it would normally take and what will be the cost of our services.

Our process is very clear. Once your immigration assessment is done and if you are eligible for a visa, your lawyer will ask you to sign a “Retainer Agreement” which will clearly state the nature of the case, the legal fees and other costs if applicable. The agreement will also describe the role of your lawyer and what are the expectations from you as the client.

You will then receive a detailed list of documentation from your lawyer by email informing you with what all is needed in your file and then begin gathering the necessary information required to complete any application form, legal submission or any other paperwork important to your case. Once your file is complete and ready, the same will be couriered to you by your lawyer for review and signature. Once this process is complete your application will be submitted by our team on your behalf. This way we can ensure that your file gets in to the right hands and is processed in a timely manner.

Needless to day that during the whole application process, you will receive regular updates from our lawyer who will keep you informed on the status and progress. Of course, you can also contact your lawyer anytime you want with your queries and concerns. Once all the processes are complete and your Visa or permit is ready to be issued, it will again be our lawyer who will take the responsibility to make sure that the same is delivered to you and you can step into the new era of your life!